Amazing Types of Adhesive Tapes

There are many different types of specialist adhesive tapes, which together have hundreds – or even, thousands – of different uses. It could therefore be difficult to know, which is the best type to order for the requirements. A number of the main tapes which hold special properties are adhesive tapes:

Double-sided tapes

These tapes have two tacked sides, which make them well suited for sticking two surfaces together if they are not planning to be attached by the edge, or if you don’t want tape to be visible. Double sided tape is a vastly versatile tape which will come in various widths, colors, thicknesses, and with various adhesives and withstand various ranges of temperature, with peaks all the way to 160ºC. The more common double sided tapes are suited to lightweight application, but stronger varieties can be found for specialized use.

Foam adhesive tapes

These often offer water tightness and are therefore present in seals on doors or windows. Foam tapes used in this manner may also help to keep heat inside and are therefore sometimes used to make homes more energy efficient. Their cushioning properties make foam adhesive tapes perfect for areas with movement such as for instance doors, where they may be required to expand and flatten. Foam tapes can be purchased with single or double sided adhesive.

High temperature tapes

High temperature tapes employ a specialized target use. Generally working from temperatures from -70ºc up to 180ºc, high temperature tapes are applied to circuit boards, for insulation and in the aerospace industry.

Anti slips tapes

These kind of adhesive tape are often employed for health and safety purposes. Their most common use is on the edge of steps or stairs, because their main property is their strong friction surface which works to prevent slipping. For additional visibility, and therefore extra hazard awareness, they are available in yellow and black, and glow in the dark colorings.

Glass/surface protection tapes

These are often bought in wider rolls than other tapes, because they are created to cover larger surface areas. Glass, wood or carpet may be protected with the appropriate protective adhesive tapes, and they are commonly used for keeping windows, floorings, work surfaces or kitchen units clean and undamaged during redecoration, construction or DIY projects.

Low tack tapes

Like glass/surface protection tapes, they are low tack so they do not damage the material which they are stuck to. They tend to be narrower than surface protection tapes, making them ideal for protecting door frames, window frames or other narrow features when painting the surrounding area.